Monday, August 26, 2002

I started my Sunday morning with a cup of strong coffee and watching Waking Life on the VCR.

This is my capsule review: If you hated Slacker, you will probably hate Waking Life (and be like Ghengis who stopped watching at about the 44th minute) but if you liked Slacker, you will probably love Waking Life because unlike Slacker, after about the 44th minute a context emerges that ties the mumbo-jumbo conversations together.

After the Sunday morning, Ghengis and I hopped in the car and drove to the beach. My 'Waking Life' type conversation with Ghengis went something like this:

"I read somewhere... was it Adbusters? I can't remember... anyways... I read somewhere that this Situationist - you know those French guys who got the students to riot in Paris in '68? ... this guy believed that instead of spending the majority of our lives working and slaving away everyday so we can afford a sort of perfect existance that comes later on ... a perfect existance called retirement ... mind you, you can have a good retirement only if you are restrained, disciplined and successful and if the markets in allignment... it sounds like the capitalist version of heaven... - well, instead... we should be aspiring to live each day as our everyday model of retirement . So if you dream retirement day is start the morning at a local cafe with an expresso, a croissant and a newspaper, then that's the day you should try to be having NOW...

"... days like these make me think I should aspire to make every moment like Sunday morning."

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