Tuesday, August 20, 2002

My reading as of late has been uninspiring. For some semi-work-related reading I started but could not finish Data Smog and The Myth of the Paperless Office. It's not that they are bad books. I'm just a bad person.

Even the latest Harper's has failed to wake me from my open-eyed slumber. Not that it's a bad issue...in fact, it's the September 2002 issue and there are two articles about September 11th that play nicely against each other. "A Year Later" by novelist Mark Slouka suggests that September 11th was not just a terrorist attack but was "an act of metaphysical tresspass" that will force America's to look to its own mortality and reevaluate its vision of the being the new Promised Land. In the other corner is "Le Divorce" by Nicholas Fraser who is an American in Europe and is deeply disturbed by the attitudes of America's allies. Evidently, only Ireland and Poland are steadfast in their absolute loyalty to the United States.

But I'm tired of politics. But I persevere if only to keep up with my cousin (*not* my nephew) Jay's Nagging Thoughts.

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