Friday, August 23, 2013

Day Seven : Half-Moon

(As part of the Hackforge Summer Games Challenge, I'm trying to design a game with the theme of light and darkness by August 31st. This day seven of the fourteen day challenge).

I did find some time to work on my project today and I have three pages of sketches in my notebook to prove it.  The thing is, I have some ideas I'd like to work through in a narrative type game that really can't be well conveyed with any of the crude mechanics I might be able to manage to figure out in a video game platform (keeping in mind that I only have about a hour a day to spend on this project).  So I've decided that I have two goals for this project that probably should be split into two different games.

Cow Jump

I'm going to make a moon themed story game using Twine.

And I'm going to try to make a *very simple* mechanical video game just for the sake of doing one. I've been looking at the HTML5 game engines but haven't picked one out yet but I admit it's tempting to go with the platform that already has a community that's clearly interested in the same story I am.

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