Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day Five: Gone Home to Make Games

(As part of the Hackforge Summer Games Challenge, I'm trying to design a game with the theme of light and darkness by August 31st. This day five of the fourteen day challenge).

I have to admit, what I really want to do is not work on my game(s) tonight.  What I really want to do is download Gone Home and play it all through the night.  I so very want to do this because I recently read this essay called Grunge, Grrrls and Video Games: Turning the dial for a more meaningful culture that personally resonated with me  and well, this The Gone Home video promo is the most riot grrrl style now video game I have ever seen. Add to the fact that I'm currently writing this from the bedroom of my parents house and feeling the effects of that sort of time-travel sickness that you get when you go back the home of your childhood, and well, I think you can see why I'd be all over this game right now.

But I'm not. I started looking at possible game engines I could use to make a game and it's clear to me that I've got a lot of work ahead of me if I want to make even a simple video game.  I will most likely work out some ideas on paper first and only then, try to make them come alive on screen.

I had mentioned previously that I was thinking about a moon-influenced mechanic. On a lark, I looked up tide charts online which eventually led me to this lovely animation that illustrates how the earth's waters rise and fall based on the alignment of the moon and sun.  I'm sure it's possible to plug in the necessary equations to mimic this affect in a game engine is possible (like this lovely video that highlights the force of gravity) but it's probably not going to happen for me. Not at this rate.

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