Thursday, December 30, 2010

WIRED is dead. Long live the Internet

WIRED magazine is dead to me. I'm sure you stopped subscribing years ago when the CEOs started pushing the cyberpunks off its covers but, like the fool I am,  I kept up my subscription through those grim years of profiles of corporate rebels.

I started reading WIRED magazine in1996. Coincidentally, that's the last time there has been a woman who was not a model or an actress woman on its cover.

The embarrassing rash of boobies that have recently graced the cover of WIRED is the reason I've decided to become the straw that I'm slam-dunking on the camel's back. The refusal to dedicate a cover story to a woman has been a long-recognized problem but what I find particularly distressing is how current WIRED editor Chris Anderson takes no responsibility for perpetuating this imbalance. According to his comment to Cindy's Open Letter to WIRED, Anderson thinks that there is not a single woman in this world (who is not in the entertainment industry) who could sell WIRED Magazine, so its not his fault.

Isn't it convenient that according to WIRED Magazine technology can and will revolutionize everything single aspect of our lives... except the privilege of white men?

So "forget you" WIRED Magazine. If I can't sell your cover, I won't buy it either.