Sunday, January 11, 2009

Maglog: Wired 17.1

What I learned from Wired January 2009:

For many cancers, if its detected in its early stages there is a 90% survival rate. If its found late, the rate plumets to 10%. The National Cancer Institute spends 8% of its research funds on early detection. This cover article begins with the story of 69 year old Brenda Rosenthal's experience with ovarian cancer although the piece is largely a profile Don Listwin, the founder of the Canary Foundation which is dedicated to developing new means of detecting cancer in its early stages. Listwin became involved in this cause after his own mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But there isn't an elderly woman on the cover of WIRED - it's a naked young woman. Because evidently technology will revolutionalize everything in our lives -- with the exception of magazine stand sales.

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