Monday, August 21, 2006

Once a week The Toronto Star turns into the Sunday Star and it becomes my favourite newspaper reads.

Its an odd thing to applaud, but I really like that the paper is thin. That means its readable over a couple lazy cups of coffee and there aren't huge swaths of garish advertising that you have to peel away and throw to the floor in order to find its creamy centre.

Its also colourful. There's colour on every page.

The paper has an entertainment section called Buzz that is unabashedly poppy. For example, every week they summarize the stories in the top celebrity mags and rags. This allows me to be kept up on the major celebrity gossip with the least amount of pain. The paper also has the entertainment section's alter-ego: the Ideas section which has essays written in the first person, puzzles, and book reviews. The business section is mostly relegated to personal finance issues.

But what has particularly impressed me of late is the newspaper's campaign to understand how to make the city of Toronto, a better, more liveable city. Towards this aim, there are explainers like Why the suburbs will never have tall trees and Join us at the wrecker's ball (which, incidently, gives another example why conservation laws can sometimes endanger the very things we want to protect).

I endorse this product.

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