Monday, February 06, 2006

I generally don't tell folks about my dreams because most people aren't interested in other people's dreams unless the dream tells a good story (and they, themselves, are in that dream). I've only rarely had dreams with any sort of coherence. Mostly what I can remember is one one dream that will inexplicably switch to another setting and story before the first one has been resolved which will change again.

Last night I had just that type of dreaming. What I do want to tell you about the dream is this. I was in a fairly large room half filled with people in chairs waiting for something to start. A sign read something along the line of: "If you partake in this event then you will not be eligible for the Supreme Court of Canada". I found the sign very silly and in my dream, went to get my digital camera so I could take a picture of it to post on Flickr.

If I ever start blogging in my dream I'm going to retire.


amanda said...

I've blogged in a dream. I've also knit in a dream and given a talk about RSS in a dream too. Scary stuff.

Mita said...

Hmm. Perhaps dream-blogging isn't that far off then.

One of my worst dreams occurred when I was working on my library's website. In my dream, I would think in html code and I would see the results on the "screen". But there would be something wrong with the results and I would try to correct with thinking different html which would then produce something completely wrong and my brain would start to race in this recursive loop of thought and image so much so that I would wake up with a headache.

Anonymous said...

"I rarely share my dreams because I believe dreams are only fascinating to the person who had them. The exception to that is if you are in someone else's dream--then of course you want to hear about it." -- Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, p. 91.

Mita said...

Jinx! Buy me a coke!