Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dear Karolyn Hart of Mimetic Productions

I live in the Walkerville area of Windsor and a couple weeks ago, I was very disturbed to see a large number of photocopied MISSING posters with photos of young women taped to a large number of telephone poles as I drove through my neighbourhood. I wasn’t the only one who had noticed these posters. During the week, a couple of my friends who also live in the area brought the posters up in conversation.

I was furious when I was able to examine a poster up close to learn that these MISSING posters were a cheap gimmick to grab attention in order to promote a band’s gig at a bar.

In your press release, it reads:

“Since the flyers have been posted I have received numerous phone calls from women concerned for the safety of their own daughters,” explains Booth. “We’d like to reassure Windsorites the three girls on the flyers are more than all right. In fact, they will be a part of the festivities this Friday.”

As Booth states the goal to sell more tickets and raise awareness of the event has officially been accomplished.”

What I would like answered is this: do you consider this guerrilla advertising campaign a success? More specifically, if you could back in time, would you still post the MISSING posters again knowing that they raised “concern” from the community?

Furthermore, were you aware that during your MISSING women campaign that the trial of the murder of 27 missing women by Robert Pickton in British Columbia was beginning and that a woman in Niagara Falls who had been missing during the month of December and was found dead; the fifth grusome murder of a young woman in the area over the last ten years?

Are you proud of your PR campaign?



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this link plus photo; odd that the press release says "the effectiveness of the flyers has been the real issue" - really? I thought the issue was the big, bold headline of MISSING. It does get attention (so does shouting "FIRE" in a crowded theatre). The fact that they're not, well, that's very good/reassuring but still doesn't make the ad appropriate at all, given the grave situations of missing women and children. As for "clues", well, do most people know when gatherings of search parties typically occur? I'll admit my ignorance...

Anonymous said...

Dear Bloggers,

Again we just want to apologize for the undue stress this has caused you. In direct answers to the questions posed by Ms. Williams I would like to make it clear that we were not at all aware of the afore mentioned incidents that were presently happening. And yes, had we known we most certainly would have reconsidered.

Our goal is to promote Windsor and the positive sides of our communities not to cause concern or anger to our citizens.

We do hope that you will accept our sincerest apologies.

Karolyn Hart
Mimetic Productions

Mita said...

I just received their response:

"Dear Ms. Williams,

On behalf of Mimetic Productions we do apologize for any undue concern that was caused to you. We hope you accept our sincere apologies.

Karolyn Hart
Director of Communications"