Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today I started thinking of the upcoming new year and of the 43 things that I will resolve to do. Somehow, this line of thinking led to me to re-publishing this blog with a brand new template. I'm not sure why this was so important for me to do especially as I don't even look at blogs anymore as I keep up with most of my online reading through plaintext rss feeds. So let's say that I'm just trying to be festive for the season.

One casulty of this change is that the kind comments that you've left (via Haloscan) have evaporated. Another unfortunate loss is a proper "archives page". Now months and months of posts are hanging off the right side of the page. I'm hoping Blogger updates their archiving feature before I try to tweak my own solution.

And according to Jacob Nielsen, I should add a photo of myself to a more proper bio, create a list of "classic posts", develop some niche to market myself by, and to stop being so cheap and get myself a proper domain name.

Maybe next year.


amanda said...

ooh, it looks so bloggy! well done :)

Unknown said...

I like it! Although, like you, I rarely actually visit blogs - just read the feed.

Mita said...

I'd say thanks but I really shouldn't take the credit. I just used one of the newer blogger templates.