Friday, December 09, 2005

Did you know that everyday the time in which the moonrise and moonset occurs is about an hour later than when it occured the previous day? I only realized this while researching the answers to the Big Here Quiz. (Its somewhat ironic that I've been thinking so much about place and identity lately as I have been a virtual shut-in due to baby and winter weather. )

I live in an urban neighbourhood and I don't get a clear view of the horizon, so the moon's rise and fall are difficult to track. That's why I use an rss feed to keep track of the moon in the sky.


Anonymous said...

There ought to be an RSS enabled alarm clock. And RSS feeds for every conceivable event. For instance, if you had a baby monitor that updated every time the kid cried above a certain decibel level, then the alarm clock would go off and you'd know it was time to get up! Of course, ears work well for that too... it's just the best example of internet ubiquity I could come up with.

Mita said...

I wouldn't be surprised if we come to that... especially as I know that other beautifully extreme forms of baby telemetry exist out there e.g. The Trixie Update