Friday, October 07, 2005

More thoughts on the Ceeb - this time about CBC Radio:

Please - no more shows made up of leftovers
For me, one of the more inexplicable moves that CBC Radio One has made was replacing a fabulous mid-afternoon program by Bill Richardson with a show that was made up of "best-of" snip-its from the rest of the programming week with some musical interludes. The existance of show (called The Roundup?) - made no sense. The audience of Radio One is small but its a dedicated; they are likely to have the CBC constantly on in the background as they work or stay home with the kids. Why have a show of repeats and bore the pants of these folks? The show bored me and I was just an occasional listener. The only justification for the program is some sort of budgetary reason. But that seems absurd to me as Bill Richardson's show was made up of Bill reading listener letters, playing listener stories left on the show's answering machine, and playing music. Hardly expensive fare. It was great radio and it was taken down in its prime. Which gets to my next recommendation...

Stop axing programs without giving the listener a good reason
Not only does the CBC have a history of cutting programs that are enjoy high ratings - but they have a history of not telling the creators of these programs why their shows were cancelled. I am not in the media business but I personally know two creatives who had popular radio shows on the CBC suddenly cancelled and was never given a reason for the move.

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