Thursday, October 06, 2005

I've been thinking of some suggestions on how to save the CBC from itself. Here are two ideas:

If the CBC is going to broadcast non-CBC programming, it should showcase public broadcasting from other countries such as from the BBC and PBS
There was a time when CBC television would show American programs during primetime. It's taken a while, but this tendency to rely on American programming has slowly abated (although there still a great number of American movies being shown on the Ceeb). CBC television has to finally and firmly commit to being a public broadcasting entity - even though doing so will sacrifice its television ratings. But it can't compete with "Everyone Loves Raymond" and it shouldn't want to - it needs to be an alternative to the sitcom universe.

CBC Television should follow Moses into the promised land
The CBC is not the only Canadian broadcaster that is able to create intelligent programming. Moses Znaimer's CityTV has (and used to have) a number of shows that are both entertaining and intelligent (I'm thinking shows lik MediaTelevision, SexTV, and The New Music). These shows are not reliant on a media personality driving the show as they are largely interviews with interesting people.

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