Tuesday, December 28, 2004

In the spirit of Crumpy, this is the text of a complaint letter I just sent to the Globe and Mail:

Hello. I have a complaint.

I think you doing your regular subscribers a great dis-service through your new Globe INSIDER program. The decision to restrict online access to Globe and Mail columnists to only those who are able to pay an additional monthly fee is astoundingly short-sighted.

As a print reader who likes to electronically clip important articles for personal use, I now have an *incentive* to cancel my print subscription and take up a INSIDER subscription because it costs significantly less.

Keeping some of your best work behind additonal subscriptions means your columnists have lost influence in the world as they have, in essence, can no longer be quoted in email or online conversations.

Furthermore, INSIDER is why I have so little faith that your "Recognition Card" will be able to provide myself with any significant benefit as you won't grant print subscribers the simple priviledge of allowing 7-day online access INSIDER information.

Please reconsider your policies regarding INSIDER and let print subscribers have online access to what they have paid to read in print.

Thank you

I have too much time on my hands and my idle hands are doing the devil's work instead of housework. I just called the local graffiti hotline to rat out on the suckass tagger (or bomber... who the hell knows what the kids say nowadaze) who adorned my garage door with his handiwork. I'm conflicted - the tagger made me furious and yet, I have an ongoing facination with the work of the Wooster Collective. Life is not simple.

Oh yeah. Donate already.

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