Monday, December 16, 2002

So this week I read not one but two articles citing how pollution is causing genetic damage. I don't have the heart to dump both of them on you, dear reader, so I'm just going to write about the second article that deals with phthalates: a chemical commonly used in many cosmetic and household products.

Rather than citing any medical evidence or corporate hindrance that will just add to one's general sense of doom and gloom, I suggest that if you can muster the strength to read one article, then check out this list of cosmetics products that contain phthalates. I'm not one who uses a lot of cosmetic products (being part of that demographic group of women who strive for 'simplicity' even when it means complex decision making and more work) and so I was dismayed to learn that my skin creme of choice (Nivea) is on the DNA-damaging hitlist.

I don't know much about the group that provides the 'not too pretty list' but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are a small group of maybe 5 or less. I should follow up on this.... Now that I have all but discarded my dream of starting / contributing to a zeitgeist-altering magazine, I have taken to daydreaming about starting / contributing to a policy-altering think tank. But first, I have to buy some new skin cream.

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