Sunday, November 03, 2002

I'm working on a (semi-private) research blog and I've been thinking about what to name the thing. One of the odder aspects about the act of naming is that you are usually forced to perform the task before you know of any of the individual aspects of the person or thing that will, in time, emerge on their own. That is why naming is all about hopes and aspirations.

I've changed the name once already and will probably change it again. Right now, the working title is Blue Sky Thinking. I thought of it this morning when I was still waking up with a coffee in hand and I was staring out the window at the glorious contrast of the orange leaves of the tree in the front yard and the blue sky behind it.

I understand that in England, the phrase has taken on a negative connotation but I'm still fond of it. Incidently, the previous link has a great sidebar of newish British political and cultural idioms such as ideas hamster, Euro creep, and bicycling monarchy that the BBC has kindly translated.

Living in the era of Bushisms it's easy to forget that language is a key to politics. The phrase 'war again terror' is just one reason Why Orwell (still) Matters.

I'm thinking about changing my blog's name to Ideas Hamster.

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