Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I'm currently in last place in my office World Cup Football pool. Regardless, I love World Cup Fever.

I love it when nations like Senegal dance in the streets and declare an immediate national holiday over an unexpected win in the opening round of play. I love the strange little post-goal rituals: I've seen one player kiss his wedding ring... I've seen another player take off his jersey and watch his team dance around it. I love it that there are no Superbowl half time shows, no cheerleaders and no commerical breaks in the game. I love the fact that unlike baseball's "World Series", almost every nation in the world sent a team to the football's World Cup. I love the fact that thousands of North and South American soccer fans will be sleep deprived for a month. I love it when players exchange the jerseys at the end of the match (that's why it's called the beautiful game, no?)

I love it when the apoplectic Spanish commentator screams

I love that I have another temporary obsession to get me through daily life.

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