Saturday, July 02, 2011

Vacation as Reset Button plus 30 Days of TED

I think I have bookmarked this amazing article about the importance of setting up a proper space that will compel you to do the work that you are meaning to do.

I can't find this article because I have too many unorganized bookmarks and such stored temporarily for later reading and proper adding into my digital library. Except I never make time to revisit these things later.

I have two weeks staycation coming up and part of me wants to use that time as a great reset button where I take the space and time to make my space and time more conducive to spending time in my space.

But I'm not going to tackle this challenge on then. My resolve is not to make work when I'm supposed to be at rest. I'm not allowed to start any projects during my vacation. It will be a time to break my regular habits so after I my break I can slowly rebuild my days and in time, myself. I will read books. I will play games. I will let my mind wander.

Within the last week, I've stumbled upon two outlines how to establish good habits through 30 day challenges: this TED video by Matt Cutts and this much better post IMHO by Scott Young. I'm trying to start my first 30 day challenge with an easy win. I'm resolving to watch at least 2 TED Talks a day so eventually, I will have seen them all.

Now I've read conflicting information whether announcing your intentions makes one more likely or less likely to fulfill your goals so I'm not sure whether I should document my reviews for each TED Talk I see so as a compromise I'm going to opt out of the mandatory reviews for the moment. I'm going to keep it simple with one habit at a time.

My ultimate goal is to build a life that is more like vacation.

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Mita said...

Evidently 30 day challenges are old news. GOOD runs them: