Tuesday, February 10, 2009

maglog backlog : Wired Magazine, February 2009

Outsourcing is common in the art world, but when MDM was established in 1993, its specialty was constructing props for theater productions and sets for theme parks. Then Damien Hirst came calling... As a rule, Schofield estimates, pieces command approximately 10 times their production cost. Yet despite the fact that Schofield and his team are literally the hands that make the artwork, he never confuses his role with the artist's. "It's their work that's being made," he says firmly. "It's not our work. It's theirs." While some artists collaborate intensely with the fabricators and closely oversee the production process, others provide little more than the fragment of an idea or perhaps a quick sketch. Either way, Schofield says, "they're the ones who have driven it on. You've just got your set of instructions to follow to make the piece."

From: Little London Prop Shop Turns Ideas Into Art, Wired Magazine, February 2009

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