Friday, September 05, 2008

Gender card, race card, and um, are there other cards I can play?

In my dreamworld, anyone using the terms 'race card' or 'gender card' would be immediately struck down by lightning.

It is so perverse that being female and/or non-"white" has somehow been turned into a perceived unfair advantage by those in power. Furthermore if you even dare talk about 'white privilege' you are immediately accused of "reverse racism".

A woman of colour cannot separate her self from being non-white or female. I never preface my opinions with "as a woman..." because I can't answer a question any other way. The only way for me not to "play my cards" of being a woman and with colour, is not to play.

Let's recap: if you talk about being affected by racism or sexism, then you are accused of playing a race card or a gender card. The only way to talk to avoid this label is to never talk about racism or sexism. How convenient to those not burdened with cards.

So, for the love of Zeus, please stop handing out these cards! Stop perpetuating this dominant paradigm! Otherwise, as a woman of colour, I will smite thee.

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pzed said...

You must have heard about the Georgia congressman who called the Obamas uppity