Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking for a headline that includes the word, transmute

The Cardhouse Robot has his Deck O' Junk (here's my submission), The Deuce of Clubs is working on The Second Coming, and Jane McGonigal is imagining Sisyphus happy by rolling cookies.

I've decided that its time to get my art on. My project: to render Margaret Atwood's poem, It is Dangerous To Read Newspapers in real newspaper headlines. I'm just starting and so I have little show for it. I mention this only because I would like you to send me any headline you see that with the word transmute in it.

There is also works in progress for SF0.


Anonymous said...

Heya, Mita

So, when you say "real newspaper headlines," does that mean you want headlines only from real newspapers--i.e., not from online headlines?

Mita said...

A "real one" please.