Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Update number one. Re: Cartunes on Parade- the worst example of public art that I know of.

From a letter to the editor in today's Windsor Star:
"It is with regret that the CarTune sculpture, Downtown ... must be removed from the CarTunes on Parade online auction as it is beyond repair, or rather that it would cost the artists several hundred dollars to repair the extensive damage inflicted upon it by unthinking vandals... Despite the best efforts of the CarTunes on Parade organizers, most of the works at the recently held live auction sold for far less than they were worth, and the majority of the pieces in the online auction have no bids."

Since the City of Windsor seems to value the mighty dollar more than challenging art, perhaps this demonstration by invisible hand of the free market will convince them that perhaps their next public art campaign should be organized by artists.

Update number two. Re: CBC Radio One's move to more music

The program in question is called Freestyle and its actually quite enjoyable although some of their music selections are quite dodgy - too much bad 80s pop. Great radio hosts make the difference.

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