Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No - I haven't been on vacation.

I did take an short involuntary break from blogging when my home computer's motherboard ceased to function. But that was quickly replaced.

No, the real reason why I have not committed myself to digging into myself to come up with some strange thought to share with the world on a more regular basis is due to the fact that in a matter of weeks, there will be a newborn in the house and its needs will be more pressing than this little outpost in the blogosphere. When that day comes to pass, the posts here are going to seriously slow down if not cease altogether for some time. So I'm thinking, why not slip into the a blogging coma now?

And I've got things to do. Recently, I have been investing my time at home feathering the nest, so to speak. Tonight I was going through some boxes of "MF2DD Double Sided Disks" to decide what to purge and what to transfer on to my home computer and was being very efficient until I stumbled upon a disk that contained my very first homepage circa March 15, 1996.

The full weight of how fast time has passed hit harder more than any New Year's Eve that I've ever experienced. It felt necessary to post again online.

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