Wednesday, September 29, 2004

While my co-worker Bob can occasionally enjoy pre-literate dreams (those being dreams without the constant chatter of the brain butting in with the DVD audio commentary) I am not so lucky.

In fact, last night I dreamt I was waiting on a platform for a train. The woman in front of me had reserved an entire train car for herself and one other passenger. She expressed all of this to me in the dream by saying one word in an apologetic manner: pachyderm.

My entire dream gets sidelined at this point because my dream-self takes great delight in this strange word. Pachyderm? Where the hell did I last hear the word pachyderm? Pachyderm means elephant, right? So why is there a synonym for elephant? And so my brain butts in and chatters to itself about the nature of the word pachydern and so the train station disappears and I never do get to see my elephant (or rhino or pig) as I wake up.

Pachyderm pachyderm pachyderm. Language is a virus from inner space.

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