Sunday, September 05, 2004

For no particular reason, I am in a surly mood. These are some reasons that are not particular:

News coverage of the Frances hurricane is driving me batty : endless numbers of TV journalists have taken the Florida beachheads and on the hour they repeat "Look how windy it is!". (Then again, I think I understand the need for the fervent coverage: right now we need anything to keep those images of dead and dying children and those distorted faces of raw grief from Beslan at bay).

Ok - more dueling realities of a lighter nature. I'm not sure which confuses me more: The Nike-produced John Lennon Chuck Taylor shoe or the Adbusters-produced John Fluvog Chuck-Taylor-Blatant-Copy shoe.

One more pair in an attempt to make this blog post hang together in the most tenuous way. To alleviate said bad mood, I picked up two magazines today: The Food Issue of The New Yorker for my upcoming vacation that will begin shortly and the Drugs Issue of COLORS magazine (I don't think I am going to take that one to the airport). At one time I thought that I had a pretty impressive magazine habit, but I have since learned that John Waters receives 92 magazines a month.

That doesn't work. I cannot figure out how to tie any of these ideas properly. I am still surly. That's closure enough for me.

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