Sunday, April 04, 2004

An simple recipe for joy:

1. Go to Radio Shack with $11.

2. In your mind, visualize what the connection end of a set of Walkman headphones looks like. This end is a 1/8" jack. Buy a cord with this same type of jack on both ends.

3. Assemble cord, cassette player (or Walkman), and personal computer in close proximately of each other. Plug one jack in the 'headphones' hole of the cassette player. Plug the other end of the cord into the 'Line in' hole of the computer.

4. If all goes well, if you press play on your cassette player, you will hear the tape from your computer speakers. Dig around your computer to see if your sound card software has an option to record from noises coming from "line in".

5. Try and buy some sound editing software. I currently use Goldwave. Turn your cassette's big monster wave file into little mp3 song files.

6. Copy and parse all your mixed tapes of your mispent youth.

7. Ignore blog.

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