Sunday, December 14, 2003

I'm not a writer nor a journalist but sometimes think I should pretend that I am. I have this half-baked notion that if I had a 'journalist mindset', I would live my life in a more receptive and awakened state as I constantly scanned my own environment for a future story.

Corny, eh?

Anyway, I have down-scaled this notion. I now want to be 'aware enough' to one day contribute either:

  • a Reading to Harper's Magazine
  • a new word to the OED
  • an artifact to COLORS Magazine
  • an idea to the New York Times Magazine "Year in Ideas"

    Incidently, the 2003 Year in Ideas is now available. I found these ones particularly amusing / enlightening / disturbing : The Fish-Eater's Cheat Sheet, G.I. Bill for College Athletes, Give Felons the Vote, GPS Art, Gratitude Visits (file under disturbing), and Theory Is Finished.
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