Monday, September 08, 2003

I'm having a hard time digesting this 'explainer' to the War on Terrorism by British MP Michael Meacher found in the Guardian.

I have been craving for a reasons why the recent events in Iraq, Afganistan, The War on Terrorism, and The Patriot Act have come about. And this Guardian article gives reasons why. It makes it all very clear, naming names and providing motives. It was all part of a plan concocted by a small US cabal masking as a conservative think tank to control the world's oil and gas. Saddam was just an excuse. If Iraq wasn't going to invaided, it would have probably been Iran. It had all been foretold. It all went according to plan.

But as much as I have been craving a clear answer, I cannot bring myself to believe the direction that are made by the points within the article. I simply can't believe that those in this cabal knew of the attacks of September 11th ahead of time and prevented others so to allow them to occur. I just can't.

And then I start to think... because I refuse to believe what is unthinkable... perhaps that's why they these events were able to occur.

World politics has become Rashômon to me.

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