Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I'm trying to read more of my daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail.

As a child, I would only pick up the paper to read the comics. Then I started reading the Globe and Mail's Facts and Arguments back page over breakfast. Then I would scan the paper and read the occasional item of interest. Unfortnately, I haven't progressed too much since then: I scan the headlines and read the articles that interest me, I read Social Studies religiously, I try to do the crosswords, I read my favourite columnists, and sometimes I read the Books section pretty much cover to cover. But I feel I should be reading more news.

And so this week I've tried to start reading the editorials of the Globe and Mail.

The Onion they are not.

Related rhetorical question:
Why will no media outlet ask this question: Why the hell is Sass Jordan playing on Toronto SARS on THARS show?

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