Tuesday, October 29, 2002

A wrote an article on blogs that will be published in the coming months in a magazine for a provinical association of my profession of librarianship. So now I'm an expert on blogs. Whee!

Recently a work colleague asked if how I discovered blogs and I was able to tell him exactly how it happened.

It was around, um, 1998 I believe. I recall browsing through the fancy looking Brave New Waves website. Since I was now working and no longer a student, I could no longer stay up late to listen to the show and could only enjoy the show's website (ah, but if I hook up my VCR to my radio...)

From there, I found enthusiastic praise and a link for a site that I seem to recall discussed a recent admiration of lemon curd. I remember this because at the time, I too shared a similar admiration. I don't recall the name of the site but I do recall that it was hosted by the fine folk at Cardhouse. The Cardhouse Robot has been writing and such for some time now.

On February 2, 1999 The Cardhouse Robot began delivering servings in a chronological format with most recent entries at the top of the page. It seemed like a good idea to me... little bits of my flakey writing could, over time, become a snow drift of thought. So I created Rain Barrel.

Right now, there are at least six books published on blogs in this year alone. I seem to recall that just after the year that Zines made it big in the publishing world zines disappeared off the face of the earth forever.

Who's going to be the first to sound its death nell? Not me... not while I'm an expert!

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