Wednesday, September 18, 2002

After a long respite, I recently picked up an issue of Wired Magazine (complete content available after Sept. 20, 2002). I picked it up for two reasons. One, I was curious about WiFi (of which, I am grossly ignorant to) and secondly, I was curious to see how Wired has changed after the dot.bomb.

And it has changed. There has been a obvious tiding up of the design. Now, I never thought that legibility was a major issue with Wired so its new bolder, simpler look doesn't do much for me - in fact, I think it makes the magazine looks a little thin. But I think the change is signifcant because it shows that the magazine has made changes so not to offend the easily scared. In short, WIRED has lost its swagger.

Now, WIRED is hardly contrite but the manifestos and the "You will" pronouncements are gone as are the obnoxious reviews of absurd luxury goods. The tone is very much 'we're still here - weathering the storm - keeping the faith'.

But, in short, there has been no no return to the Bruce Sterling and Laurie Anderson cover WIRED days. WIRED is still very much a business magazine as evidenced that they given the choice between two features, WIRED decided to put CEO Sky Dayton on the cover over the Luke Skywalker of intellectual property (can I say that?), Laurence Lessig.

Free the mouse!

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